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Bholster Technologies provide services for permanent mold, sand casting, and die casting for small casting operations in different foundry processes. In today’s manufacturing industry, casting simulation process is the imperative tool that allows foundries to obtain reliable and high-quality cast parts.

Casting-Simulation (1)

Casting Simulation

Casting simulation is the standard accepted for designing the casting process before producing expensive molds or patterns. Use of this casting simulation keeps casting producers competitive & profitable, in the sense they can provide precise & quick responses to customer needs.

  • Structural Automotive Castings
  • Ultra Thin Walled Castings
  • Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)
    Sand Casting
  • Low Pressure
  • Thixotropic & Semi-solid

Small Casting Operations

We provide flow and thermal simulations at an affordable flat rate. You will get cutting edge expertise without any overhead cost that is typically involved.

Flow Simulation
  • Trapped air prediction (size and location)
  • Find the perfect gate design
  • Know exactly where to position vents
  • Know exactly what to do to cast very large and very thin parts
  • Clear science behind casting ultra thin parts (eg. cell phone cases)
Thermal Simulation
  • Gate design to reduce your shrink
  • Reduce cycle-time with precise simple target cooling
  • Simplify your cooling to improve part quality
  • Making the die easier to manage
Product-Design-Support (1)

Product Design Support

At Bholster Technologies, we enable foundries to effectively design, evaluate and optimize their casting process. Our service will help you to avoid expensive trial and error processes on real prototypes during the product and mold development cycle, which will save expensive material, labor cost and manpower.

  • We will work closely with product design and avoid pitfalls at the manufacturing stage.
  • Complete design in 3D-CAD with simulations to be sure that the die will perform as designed.

Multiphysics Simulation

The laws of Physics literally determine the outcome of most events in the universe. A simple example is Newton’s law of motion (Published in 1687) is all that is needed to predict the path of the Voyager spacecraft through our planetary system. In fact, the path of Voyager was predetermined and plotted well before anything was built so that engineers can be sure of what will happen. The act of predicting and plotting of the path ahead of time is a simulation.

Multiphysics simulation is simply accounting for the combined effects of more than one of the laws of physics to predict what will happen ahead of time.


We have brought die casting down to a science. We did this by identifying all of the dominant Physics that govern the process and develop a solid and crystal clear applications of these laws to know exactly how things will work.

A few examples of practical applications of the above capabilities are:

  • To know if a given part is “castable” or not
  • To know with confidence what cycle time is achievable
  • To know with confidence that a given die design will perform as expected

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